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a.k.a. Gianluca Danieli

writer - screenwriter - playwright

I graduated in London in with a BA in Film & TV at UAL, with a Master in Screenwriting at MET Film School.


I have worked both behind and in front of the camera, and on stage, experimenting with every genre I could since the age of 11. From Shakespearean tragedy to musical comedy, writing both in English and Italian.

In the summer of 2022 I published the Italian novel "The Woman with White Eyes", published by Gruppo Albatros – Il Filo (Rome), winner of 4 literary prizes.

I am co-writer of the social-themed feature film "Parallel Lives" (with Herman Zadra).

My unproduced English screenplay "The Shaolin Nun" won the Platinum award in the competition (Spring 2024 - Delaware USA, and the Official Selection at the Oxford Script Awards 2024.

I worked as a reader and analyst of English-language screenplays for the "Outstanding Screenplays" platform.

And I am the author of the CineGiangi Blog. Some of my (Italian) articles have been published on 'The Filmmaker's Eye'.

In all the things I create, even the most dramatic, I always like to insert a pinch of (black) humor.

When I'm not writing or acting, I read three books at the same time and am involved in various social activities, especially autism awareness.

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